The Triumph Razor Edge Owners’ Club Ltd

Registered office address
9 Water Tower Close
Middlesex UB8 1XS
Registered in England and Wales.Reg. number 2886923

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Full membership of the TROC provides the owners of the cars we support the opportunity to purchase spare parts from the range offered by the Club. These include the majority of mechanical items needed to keep the cars on the road. Examples are spares for the braking system, steering, suspension and engine.

We also have a range of the special to type rubber mouldings such as door and window sealing rubbers
For those who are perhaps contemplating purchasing a Razoredge Triumph or simply wish to join the Club to partake of social activities with us, we offer associate membership. The Globe magazine and any similar material is provided but associate members are not able to purchase anything other than the Club memorabilia.

Joining the TROC

Following this introduction, you will find an application form. There is also a guide to the annual fees that will be payable in the first year of joining.

Please download the application form and enter the information that is requested. The information relating to the car helps us in the future to know what spares parts may be applicable to your particular car since there are various differences as has been detailed elsewhere on this web site. Once completed, please either post the form together with your payment to the Membership Secretary at the address shown or email a scanned copy (150DPI or better) to the Membership Administrator at the email address given. If you are not able to arrange printing of the form yourself, please contact the Membership Administrator and ask form a form to be sent to you. At present there is no facility for completing the form online.

The Club’s magazine is published bi-monthly. This is available either in an A4 sized paper copy that is distributed by postal services or members may choose to “go paper-less” and receive the magazine in an Adobe PDF document distributed by email. If the electronic version is chosen, then the membership rates are reduced to reflect the saving in printing and postal expenses. Members may change their preference by notifying the Membership Administrator at any time. Naturally we prefer that such changes are not made too frequently!

For all new members the amount to be paid is comprised of a fixed joining fee and an amount dependant on when the membership commences. The TROC membership year runs from 1st May to 30th April each year for all members. The pro-rata amount of the membership fee reduces through the year until December. From then until the end of April the fee to be paid is pro-rata for the remainder of the membership year but includes the rate for the whole of the succeeding year. The detail of this arrangement is given in the table at the end of this section.

We welcome payment in Pounds Sterling by cash, cheque, bank transfer/standing order, PayPal or credit/debit cards. If you wish to set up a standing order you may either instruct your bank directly or request a form from the Membership Administrator. This form has the details of the Club’s account into which payment should be made. This information is also at the end of this section. We regret that we are not able to arrange direct debits.

Please note that in the event that a member who wishes to continue withRazoredges membership of the Club does not renew their membership within two months of the May 1st renewal date but then does so, they will be required to pay the full membership fee plus a surcharge of £5.00. If they do not pay until on or after the next May 1st in the following or later years, they will be required to pay the full £15 joining fee and the pro-rata rate as if they were new members. In the event of non-renewal the last Globe to be received by the member concerned will be the first issue to follow the May 1st renewal date.

If you require clarification of any aspects relating to membership of the Club please contact the Membership Administrator. Contact details are at the end of this section.

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